Terms And Conditions.                                                                                          -Delivery time of mobile phone due to Corona-virus is three to four Working days. But the company will do its best to do whatever you ask for. They will be delivered to you in 24 to 48 hours.

-After placing an order, if the customer wants to cancel his order for any reason, he can do so within twelve hours. Even if the order is canceled within 12 hours, the company will be obliged to return the payment without any deduction. If the order is canceled after 12 hours, there will be a 15% deduction from the amount.

-The product is sent to the user by the company after checking. If the user receives the product defective. So he will be entitled to make a claim within 5 hours. After that, the customer’s claim will be rejected.

-If the user receives a defect in the LCD or panel as soon as he receives the mobile, he should immediately inform. If the user does not report, the company will not be responsible later.

-If the customer encounters a major problem inside the mobile, he can change or return the mobile from the company.

-If there is any problem in the mobile after 7 days, the company will only replace the mobile and the refund will be unacceptable.

-The duration of change is fixed at 7 days. So within the same period, the mobile will change. After that, the company will not be responsible for the change.

-If a customer has a refund, it can be in the form of bank jazz cash, easy Paisa , or by cheq as per the convenience of the customer.

– The company does not make mobile exchanges, according to Policy.

-Please enter your information correctly when ordering and must include your ID card number in the remarks so that mobile access is only at your Hands Thanks For Your Cooperation

-Please contact me during business hours. Then mail us any complaints you may have. Thank you for your plague.